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Malleus - "Clown"

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Malleus - "Clown"

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Band Bio:

Formed in 2006 under the name "Bloody Rabbits", Malleus have come a long way. Their first single, "Rain", received rave reviews and propelled the band toward the 2008 Demo EP "To Fade Inside a Waste". The band's sound coalesced into their first album "Asylum" in 2011. In early 2012 they signed on to the Kreative Klan label and began work on their second album, "One Of Us",mastered by Joey Sturgis (Emmure, Miss May I etc..). Since then Malleus has filtered through radio and television around the world, receiving many glowing reviews along the way. Malleus music and artistic styles derive from many diverse influences but their heart is cold forged Metalcore.

The Band:

Simone Vattiata: Voice
Mario Spatuzzi: Guitar
Mattia Detti: Guitar
Danilo Monda: Bass
Bernardo Grillo: Drums

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